15 February 2012

The Perfect-Ultimate-Fantabulous King Cake

Disclaimer: this is a full blown product endorsement, fully free of coercion - they didn't even ask me, they don't even know i am up to this.

My first Epiphany here in NOLA a few years ago someone bought a King Cake from one of the local bakeries.  I was enthralled by the cake - the cake is pretty much just a light cinnamon roll baptized in sugar frosting then topped with about an inch or so of dyed sugar.  I really wanted to like the cake but I could not.  For one they were too sweet and for another I am allergic to the dyed sugar.  I tried different fillings (too numerous to list here), different styles of cakes from different bakeries hoping to find the right one.  But I never found it.  So I gave up on eating king cake, I figured the kids like so that is all that really matters.  Then a few days ago I stopped by the local European bakery a few blocks up the road and noticed a "Chocolate King Cake."  Now I have had chocolate king cakes before - the ones where they shoot it full of chocolate pudding.  But this one at Maple Street Patisserie looked different.  So I asked if they would make me one without the dyed sugar on it, no problem they said.

On Sunday morning as the family prepped for an afternoon of parades I went up to MSP to pick the cake up.  It just came out of the oven!  I arrived at the rental chateau(insert louisiana cajun x at the end of chateau if you so desire) with the cake and two coffees!

It was amazing.  The best king cake I have ever had in my life!  It was so good I feared that it might spoil if left on the counter for a prolonged amount of time...so with a little help from our king cake loving progeny, Material Girl and I demolished it within 24 hours - with.

The cake I would describe as a cross between challah bread and cream cheese pastry.  Inside the ring of the king cake was a light-fluffy-rich brownie batter.  All of this was topped with chocolate frosting, chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles.

MPS does not have a web page but you can visit them at 7638 Maple Street  New Orleans, LA or call them and place your own order at (504) 304-1526.

these were the last two pieces.  the pictures are not of the highest quality but i was fighting time folks, i didnt have the patience to stage a proper picture, my coffee may have chilled by then.  it's carnival time reader, priorities are transformed this time of year.  they'll be time for proper pictures come Lent...


WBR said...

Aaahhhh...the delights of Maple Street in Nola!

Michele Benson Huck said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I am a fan of the French king cake at La Boulangerie, but will try the cake at MS. I made gluten-free king cake for the first time today. Pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!