13 July 2006

Thrusday Meanderings

This was the forecast I saw printed in the Providence Journal this morning. The wife, with only 8 more days (hopefully) until the child emerges, said I wish.
Todays NYTimes has a great article on the use of a front lawn. I remember reading a story in one of Michael Pollan's, either The Botany of Desire or Second Nature I believe it was 2nd Nature, about a Japanese gardner who came to American and couldn't believe that we waste so much of our yards on grass. Grass, why? Why not use all that space for vegetables and fruits? Grass is just a pretty weed, that is all!!

Speaking of weeds. Yesterday while driving through town I saw a resident watering weeds. Watering weeds! Not only was the person watering weeds, but it was forecasted to have a flash flood that afternoon! Oh well, at least weeds are green.

For the summer I decided to preach solely from the Old Testament. Why? I happen to like the OT much more than the NT. Why? It is full of great stories. It took a lot of time to come together. It was filtered and refined to a greater degree than the NT. The NT was a book written too quick; it was rushed. This week's lection, 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19 focuses on David's bringing the ark to Jerusalem. David was a slick, political and risky dude. I am liking more every day. By the way, Robert Pinsky wrote a book on David, not too bad. I am focusing on the presence of God, how it is on the one hand a life giving blessing but at the same time part wrath.

I have always had a hard time grasping the wrath of God, I dont like it. But it is part of the story. I remember my theology prof at BTSR, Elizabeth Barnes, talking about the balance of love and wrath. I get the love part, but the wrath part gives me the willies. But we should respect God as whollyotherness, I find most folk concentrate on God's immanence and not God's transcendence.

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