01 July 2006

Oh a Nature It is a-changin'

If I hadn't seen, with my own two eyes, pictures of the former farm and talked with folks who grew up and remember the farm that the parsonage is now located on I would easily bet this is a superfund site. Why?

Last year I accidently placed a sausage link in the compost pile. The next day I saw a squirell darting across the yard with that very same link.

Perhaps you have heard that if you plant marigolds around the perimeter of your garden some animals will be detered due to the smell. Not here. The other morning I sat on the back deck and watched a team of rabbits chomp my marigolds down to the ground.

Perhaps you've also heard that deer do not eat onions. Not here. The other morning I went out to check the garden only to find several onion plants chomped to the ground with deer tracks all over the place.

The garden this year pretty much stinks. Looks like it will primarily be onions and potatoes. The tomatoes are barely doing anything, beets and chard are right up the rabbits alley, regardless of my attempts to sprinkle dried blood, hair, etc. THere may be a bit of hope for lettuce and some fall crops. But just the other day I saw one. One, what is that? A groundhog. The wife asked: what do they eat? I said everything!

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Tripp Hudgins said...

Oy veh!

Yeah, not that I live in the rural lands any longer, but our suburban flower gardening is going to be challenging. The bunnies are everywhere. And, sadly, my neighbors won't let me shoot and stew the fat buggers. Ah well.

Perhaps if you planted a hanging garden next year...