18 July 2006

Seed Pods

A King Richard Leek in full blossom. I let a few of them go to seed each year so they can re-seed themselves. If you think it looks kinda like a bloom you see in other gardens you are right, the allium. The leek, onion, garlic are all the same family.

Speaking of garlic. Last year was my first stab at garlicing. I fared quite well. This year I planted some 200 garlic bulbs. This is that curly seed pod from a couple of months ago. Last year I was like hmm, is that the garlic bulb? No, it is the seed pod, the little bulbs are quite tasty.

And here is that little bastard, the groundhog. My dad tells me about a dog he once had that loved groundhog, he would eat all of it.

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Mrs. Popping Culture said...

I recently had lunch with the man who was our interim Pastor and his wife. I belive they are both in their 70s. He is having groundhog trouble, as well. I told him it sounded like Caddyshack. He wrote down the movie name so he'd remember to rent it. I hope he loses that napking.