04 July 2006

#2's iii birthday and the Anglican attempt to take over the good ole USofA.

On Saturday #2 turned 3. It was a big day for him, a birthday extravaganza! He only wanted mommmy, daddy, and sissy at his party.
The wife baked him this cake:

He received a bike:

and some Thomas the Tank Engine stuff: (that is a picture of a bunch of thomasesque tracks he got for his bday and ones from previous holidays.) This gives me an excellent opportunity to feul my paranioa of an anglican takeover of the US. I think it is perfectly obvious that the Anglicans have long had their eyes on a takeover of the US for quite a while now. They were poised to turn us back into redcoats around the time of the First Great Awakening by sending over Whitfeld and Wesley, but it turned on them; the baptist and methodists seeds were planted and spread like wildfire.
The Anglicans then couldnt figure out what to do next, so they waited and waited and waited. Then it a light from the old industrial age shone bright: Thomas the Tank Engine. We all know that a certain Anglican priest invented THomas to teach morality and godly lessons to his son. I dont doubt that original impetus. But the Anglicans used this as a way to get into the minds of children here in the good old USofA. Look at all the Thomas stuff, it is everywhere and it is expensive. We are just funnelling funds for an eventual Anglican takeover. All the while the Anglicans have us snowed thinking all of their real energy is trying to reconcile a church in the west with a traditional church in Africa and Asia. Oh brother are they jolly smart! But this Baptist isnt falling for it. How so, you ask? Easily by buying my thomas friendly tracks from IKEA and funneling money away from the Anglicans to the Swedish Lutherans. More on them later.

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