13 April 2010

Its Evolution Baby

As a child every Saturday morning I would wake up well before sunrise, run into the living room, and hope against hope that that morning cartoons would be on. Every weekend, however, it was the same story no cartoons just gardening and animal shows. The gardening shows were mainly repeats for months at a time, so were the animal shows. Since 4:30am has never been the time network executives concentrate on first class programming the gardening and animal shows were not of high quality. I recall a man in overalls always reviewing shovels. And I recall a salty raspy voice describing the brutal killings of weaker animals by stronger more aggressive animals. In my mind I can easily bring to the fore a weak or sick elk being stalked by hungry wolves then the narrator describing each and every limb being torn from it. After the wolves gorged the narrator would then describe how the wolves had specifically picked the sick elk and waited till it was at its weakest moment before attacking it.

Now skip to this evening...

After the VOR and I had dinner, a glass of wine, and a heaping plate of strawberry shortcake I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a three foot streak of a munchkin go dashing across the kitchen floor, snatch something off the counter and then went streaking back into his den...er...bedroom. If that was not enough, it was later reported that he was in the hallway crouching down with binoculars zeroing in on his desired target.

All I can say is...this is only the beginning...

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