26 April 2010


This is my six hundredth and sixty sixth post. A few years back a woman at a Rite-Aid or something like that in WV was "totally freaking out" that my order came to $6.66, she begged me to buy something else. On principal I refused. Perhaps I could have bended a little, perhaps she could have knocked off a penny. The whole number thing has never bothered me. I seriously doubt the evil in this world goes around with 666 written on them - nope they have names such as ICBMs, and Citigroup, and Blackwater, and Massey Energy.

So in full celebration on my 666th post, a picture. A picture of me eating Louisiana grown strawberries with shortcake and Louisiana whipped cream. If I cant make it to JazzFest, at least I have my strawberry shortcake (in April!)

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Woody said...

That's just evil...