27 December 2008

When Your birthday is the day after Christmas

The VOR was born on December 26 an undisclosed # of years ago. Throughout the years she has suffered folk forgetting her big day due to the hubbub of the season; and she has had birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper. This year she reflected on some of the benefits: who else has never had to work on their birthday, who else still has presents to open the day after Christmas, and who else still has presents under the tree the day after Christmas (yes her presents always go under the tree). As I search for the perfect gift I start thinking months in advance but by the time Advent rolls around and I see how busy the shopping centers are I usually put purchasing her gift in the back of my head. Usually jewelry is a home run, but this year the VOR said how about a something from her favorite store.

Yesterday I ventured out to purchase a gift. Before going we both looked online at outfits and perused the offerings. I felt confident and sure, but once I crossed the threshold into the store I knew instantly I was out of my league. None of the clothes online were in the brick and mortar store and none of the colors (particularly the lovely shade given as Pomegranate) I admired were in the store. So I did the sensible thing I asked a saleswoman. Wrong move. The woman took me under her good Samaritan wing as if I just walked off the ship. She talked slow and loud. As if I would understand her better. We walked around the store, she asked questions, I described to her in exact details the top I had picked out online, but she did not understand me. Apparently I did not talk slow and loud enough. Eventually she led me to a section of tops and eventually I picked out a top and purchased it.

When I got home I gave the gift along with a poem and a magazine. The VOR looked at the top: it was just like the one she had on last night and in a color she has never liked. Today the top will be exchanged.

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Tripp Hudgins said...


Well, birthday best to the VOR. Be well, sir. Merry Christmas.