16 December 2008

Facelapped: An Introvert's Adventure on Facebook

Sometime this evening the red flag notification on the VOR's facebook account will probably have a double digit number on it; when this happens she will easily surpass, or facelap me (that is have a greater # of friends than me).  It took me six weeks to climb, in my own view, to an impressive 47 friends; it took her all of 48 hours to generate that number.  

I suppose being lapped by your significant other is the result one would normally expect when one member of the couple is an introvert and the other is an extrovert.  I suppose this is what happens when one member of the couple goes to a large public university and the other goes to a small private college.  I suppose this is what happens when one member of the couple is a clergyman and the other is not.  I suppose, no I know, this is what happens when you marry well!

Do not get me wrong I am proud of my 47 friends, I am still quite amazed at the number.  I am somewhat skeptical when I see some friends who have 300, 400, even 500 friends - do they really have that many friends or are they facebook harlots confirming and requesting anyone they can on God's green earth? 


The most surprising revelation of my facebook experiment is its (as one friend has called it) strangely addictive qualities.  I can not seem to drag myself off of the damn thing -- and it is not only me.  Tonight I watched the VOR confirm something like 20 friends in the kitchen while #3 was jumping in the sink and juggling the steak knives!  


I have yet to figure out all of the applications -- I doubt I will, they seem all ad driven.  But it is a great interface for communication and sharing of ideas and general nonsense.  Perhaps the greatest function though is the gossip.  For someone who likes gossip, yes I am talking about myself, facebook is a godsend or more appropriately a devilsend.  

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Howard said...

I found that Facebook is working out as a good replacement to e-mail (what with all that spam stuff). If you communicate with the Send Message maneuver, a trail of conversation remains (I guess if you use Gmail, it supposedly does the same thing).
Also, Facebook messages are inherently vetted by sender.