11 December 2008

Adventing (it helps to have a little Latin)

This afternoon while trolling down to the city-state to pick up an Xmas gift I stopped by the grocery store I patronize, Whole Foods -- the Main Street edition (it is literally on Main Street, trust me there is nothing 'main street usa about it though').  On my way there I was listening to Fresh Air, the guest was talking about the credit crisis.  The interviewer asked the interviewee if there was any good coming out of the financial downturn: the re-emergence of layaway.  

As I walked through Whole Foods (officially the VOR has prohibited me from doing the grocery shopping Why? I take way too long and purchase items we, supposedly, do not need) I began to think of how much I liked the last roast we bought from there.  It was succulent, no it was savory, no it was oh yes that is the word er yummy.  But the blooming thing cost something like $30.  So I wondered if the butcher would let me buy the roast on layaway?  The butcher (is he really a butcher, I mean the meat comes in pieces already - it aint like there are carcasses hanging in the back or anything with Rocky working on his body blows) didn't seem too interested.  

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