10 September 2008

Duck Season, Wabbit Season, Elmer Season? Nope Pledge Season

I venture to say most communities with more than 10 inches of snow a year all experience the fifth season: road construction.  The constant freezing, thawing, salting and scraping takes a toll on a road.  But here in Lil Rhody this time of year (and it seems a good chunk of the year it is PBS and NPR pledge season).  First WGBH goes at it then RI PBS which usually overlaps the NPR pledge drive.  Needless to say I have missed crucial interviews, minutes of ambient sounds and reviews of books I will never get around to reading.  Tonight it was either another dose of Susan Orman, a Tribute to Ed Asner or Norm Abram fashioning a template of himself.  

I enjoy PBS and NPR, I just wish the gov't would fully fund them both and let me enjoy the programming.  

The polls show a bounce for McCain but I am not worried.  Why?  Polls do not account all the folk without a landline and does not factor in the online community.  Plus I think the disparity between McCain of 2000 and McCain of 2008 will begin to show and cause worry in such economic hard times.  

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