28 September 2008

Behaving Like a Calvinist

I have long made the argument that people need a nemesis or a foil for all of their arguments.  I have chosen the Presbyterians.  Why?  While a student at BTSR I felt like most of the students from across the street looked down upon us Baptists (need I say they had every right to do so, for the most part).  But there is irony here.   Personally, after a great deal of family history I discovered the Norvells were Scot Presbyterians when they came over in 1617.  Professionally, everyone always thinks Baptists when they hear fundamentalists, but fundamentalism was a product of: the Princeton Presbyterians.  Oh yeah, when Fozzy and Kermit go into the church in the scene from the Muppet Movie  Kermit asks Fozzy what kind of church it is, Fozzy replies, I don't know they all look Presbyterian to me.  

Now on with the story.  Today I preached on Jacob's Ladder, during one part I talked about how we live in an era infused with positive thinking.  But Calvinism would say positive thinking won't get you jack squat.  My second Calvinistic activity: I went bowling this afternoon.  I once read that John Calvin loved bowling for his Sabbath day play.

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