11 September 2008

The Big Weekend

In a few hours I will embark on preparations for the Big Weekend.  This evening I will start by mixing the rub, preparing the butts and placing them in the smoker.  Tomorrow morning I will make the sauce, pull the pork and store the mixtures in pans until Saturday evening.  For this weekend is the grand kickoff to the Program Year for LRBC.  Saturday we will serve pulled pork sandwiches, Clint Eastwood Baked Beans (this recipe was given to me by my father's best friend shortly before he died, I believe I may be the only living person with this coveted recipe), cole slaw and this year's new edition: deep fried pickles.  Tomorrow I have to find Boars Head Pickle Chips, it may be a wild hunt.  This year Dobro Dan and the Innocent Bystanders will be playing bluegrass music for our entertainment (I have never heard them, but they have a dickens of a name).  I am cooking 80lbs of pork shoulder (aka Boston Butts)

Sunday morning is Rally Day (official beginning of Sunday School) for this I make a large gutter ice cream sundae.  (We take a six foot long piece of gutter, line it with plastic wrap, and scoop in tons of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles.  The kids get messy, sticky and a little crazy.  Each year I try to convince one of the kids to drink what is left over, but they just look at me like I have horns growing out of my head.

For the sermon I have doing my semi-famous yearly proclamation on the Bible.  This year I am not going the via negativa (apophatic tradition) but instead am going the direction of four arguments for reading the Bible.  The Tautology,  The Tradition, The NPR, and the Travis Norvell argument.  I will reveal their contents after the sermon is delivered on Sunday, come on folks I am not handing out my words before I speak them.  

Writing a sermon always surprises me.  Sometimes I come up with stuff and think wow I came up with that, other times I am like no way I wrote garbage like that.  This sermon, right now, I feel good about.  

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