27 November 2007

Where is Blair?

Can anyone tell me what Tony Blair is up to these days?

He is supposed to be the "special envoy" to the Middle East yet I have seen neither hide nor hair of him in connection with the meeting in Maryland going on right now?


hawk said...

I think Blair is busy becoming a Roman. He is also washing his hands of his terms in office.


theobilly said...


As soon as I wrote this I read where Blair gave his imprimatur for the Annapolis meeting. I also saw the same article that you pointed out saying the TB goes to church with his wife who is Roman.

Any reaction at your congregation over the Archbishop's remarks on America's loss of the moral high ground?

hawk said...

I'm not sure my congregation knows who the ABC is. We do pray for Rowan on Sundays as well as the PB and Henry, our bishop. I think most of my parishioners think of the ABC as a character out of the Harry Potter movies or look at him as some type of druid. I doubt anyone read his comments and associated him with the Episcopal Church--just another damn Roman.