02 November 2007

All Hallow's Day, well actually the day after

I'm quite open to the possibility of inspiration from saints. here is the well I draw from:

Roger Williams
without the insistence of Soul Liberty where we would be?

Howard Thurman
Activism of the soul.

MLK, Jr.
(I love this photograph, it is also on the cover of Michael Eric Dyson's book
I May Not Get There with You.)

Dorothy Day
read The Long Loneliness and you'll never be the same

Thomas Merton
I wanted the picture of him in a black turtleneck, but couldn't find it.
I wanted to be a monk in college because of this man. His eclectic reading, commentary and wide range of interests fascinated me.

Walter Rauschenbusch
If there is one Baptist you must read it is...
His writing is dated and a product of its time, sure - but he provided clarity and artful articulation of the Social Gospel.

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