03 February 2007

Why I have semi-permanently adbadoned the Lectionary

Growing up I never heard of the lectionary, at BTSR I think I smelled it once at the Presbyterian seminary, but when I transferred to CRCDS the lectionary was in full bloom. I bought into it hook, line and sinker. I even joined lectionary study groups, bought all kinds of lectionary resources and frequently viewed lectionary web pages. But for some odd reason using the lectionary never took a proper root with me.

Perhaps it is my West Virginia Baptist raising or some kind of Appalachian dissent. I have been re-baptized with the water of the sermon series. I find that a series allows me greater theological depth and fuller cultivation of ideas. The recent series I am preparing, a Lenten series on the Seven Deadly Sins, has led to amassing of all kinds of ideas and resources. Everything from Medieval Art, to current movies and works of fiction, to great theological treatises.

I still follow the Christian year, but I impose on it sermon series(s, can you pluralize series?) that relate to the main themes of the season.

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