03 February 2007

Thoughts about the West Lecture

I was able to make it to the West Lecture yesterday afternoon, despite my trouble walking (the wife wants to hear none of my hardships from the surgery). The Solomon Center was packed so I went downstairs for the silmucast, which quickly filled up.

It was a bit odd watching a large screen tv of the lecture, but well worth it. West is a frequent name dropper, but I like that. While talking about King's biography he mentioned his time at Crozer and his reading of Rauschenbusch. West reminded us all that last year was the 100th anniversary of the publication of Christianity and the Social Crisis.

I know this is a terrible analogy but i like it still. When a milk cow goes dry she is "refreshed" by a bull to restart her milk supply. I feel that lectures, art museums, going out for a drink with friends, listening to live music are all ways that preachers get "refreshed." Your mind goes a little numb by sitting in an office, reading, writing sermons and visiting with parishioners. Your mind needs refreshed, your creativity needs a boost.

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