20 February 2006

Town 4 Me 0

Last week's Noreaster was great, lots of snow, no church and great drifts. However, the mail box, once again didnt make it. On of the town's plows knocked it right off. In a rush I ran outside to tape it up - it was below 0 with windchill; in fact I thought I had frostbite on a couple of fingers.

While at the hardware store the other day I saw a mailbox brace. hmmm. I bought one and put it up, the hardware about drove me crazy with its holes and bendy metal and the wind again. oh well. i put it up. but will it last? lemme know your prediction.

1 comment:

VitaminBE said...

Not a chance, should have bought 4 more rolls of duct tape. Would have lasted you 3 more winters and handy work around the house next couple months