08 February 2006

Switching Teams, Nah

Occasionally, about once a month or so, I entertain the notions of switching from the Baptist team to the Episcopal or even the Presbyterian team. But then there is the whole 2 year process of becoming "re-ordained" which really bugs me then the whole anglicization process, blah, blah, blah.

Yet I keep finding rich resources in my own tradition that stand up and yell "Hey take a lookie over here" I do and am delightfully joyed.

This week at the funeral service of Coretta Scott King I was once again reminded of why I am Baptist and the rich resources of this particular tradition. There on the stage with four presidents, 14 senators, and with a nation watching African-American Baptist preachers, okay Rev. Lowery is a Methodist, kept to the prophetic proclamtion of peace, civil rights and justice. It was amazing, tear-bearing, inspiring. Then there was good ole Jimmy Carter oh so slyely slipping in the importance of the continual fight against racism in this country (I liked watching W squirm.) All of this in a 6 hour funeral service!!

That night I went and picked up Parting the Waters by Taylor Branch and vowed to start from the beginning and finish it. While reading I found another subtle reminder of great baptistdom: Howard Thurman and Mordacai Wyatt Johnson - both Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School graduates.

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