13 February 2006

An Idea for a Restaurant Commercial

Last week I bought a couple of Sirloin steaks for dinner. tonight I cooked them. Simple recipe, salted heavily and wrapped in plastic wrap for a couple of hours, then rinsed and dried, then oiled with evoo salt and peppered and there you go. I bought 'em because we couldn't go out this week or next week. I knew I could make the steaks as good as the restaurant, if not better. However, I cant replicate the experience. Soon after I cut the steak, dressed my potato and opened a Sam Adams Light the kids came running in wanting a piece of bread, then the boy took a night light out, then the boy bumped his nose, then the girl wanted her shade pulled down. After all of these I looked at the wife and said this is why we go out.

The commercial: You can replicate the meal, show me bringing in the steak on a plate and gussied up table. But you can't replicate the experience, show us at the restaurant eating in peace and quiet (flash the kids running around or wallowing us).

1 comment:

Mrs. Popping Culture said...

I think you should open this restaurant yourself. And if you allow your patrons to wear their pajamas to dinner, I'm there.