16 November 2005

Maybe I wait till Saturday

Leaving for West Virginia on Friday morning and planning to catch the late showing of Walk the Line, but if the CBS special this evening is any indication I think I'll wait till Saturday or maybe till it comes out on DVD.

It started out with Brad Paisley and never recovered. The Sheryl Crow voice? Kid Rock, come on that guy is about as phony as they come. Dave Grohl needs to put some bass in that voice. I digress. CBS should've bought the rights to the TNT special that came out after St. John's death and replayed it. Oh Brother.


Mrs. Popping Culture said...

What CBS special?

I've heard the movie is "Oscar-worthy," which I guess means good. I'm hoping to see it soon.

theobilly said...

The CBS special was on a couple of weeks ago, the day after the CMA show. I will probably see it one day this week. But I dont have my hopes too high.