30 December 2012

2012 Review:A Year in Numbers

A Year in Numbers

A.  Preaching
2       # of times I preached at Unitarian Universalists congregations
2       # of times folk got up and walked out while I read from the Bible at a UU congregation
45     # of times I've tried to explain to folk what I mean by when I call myself a evangelical or gospel-centered liberal
45     # of times it sounds better in my head than when it comes out of my mouth
3       # of times I thought revival was going to break out during a sermon
3       # of times I overestimated that revival may break out

B.  New Orleans (the last few weeks)
8        # of bowls of gumbo I had knowing there would be none up north
13      # of times we went out for fried chicken knowing it wouldn't be the same up north
9        # of times we had po-boys knowing there would be none up north
4        # of times we had beignets knowing there would be none up north
18      # of lbs. the missus and I gained those last couple of months eating out

C.  The Move
1        # of Penske moving trucks we thought we needed
2        # of Penske moving trucks we ended up needing
42      # of total feet of our two Penske trucks
4        # of hotels stayed at during the trip
78      # of miles driven before I realized the A/C did not work on the Penske
18      # of bottles of gatorade drank during the drive to keep cool
102    # of hottest sustained temperature while driving through Iowa.
6        # of times I circled a hotel in Iowa City, IA before I could park the truck, properly
1,350 # of miles driven from New Orleans to Minneapolis
482,901 # of consecutive acres of corn and soybeans I saw in Illinois and Iowa

D.  Life in Minneapolis
3        # of addictive Lee Child detective novels I read from the Hennepin County Library
18      # of times I been to that addictive donut shop, The Baker's Wife damn them both!
4        # of times the kind folk at Judson Memorial Baptist Church have laughed at some of my subpar       material.
6        # of times I've been out and looked for  po-boy shop
7        # of out of town visitors we've already had
2        # of times Carol Carpenter has visited
2        # of times I've seen Michael Tisserand since we moved to MPLS
3        # of times I thought for sure I saw Kent Hrbek
23      # of times I've looked at last names and paused before I put my head down and butchered the pronunciation of peculiarly grouped (according to my Scots-Irish eyes) consonants and vowels.
78      # of times I've either said or heard or seen lutefisk since moving here
78      # of times my stomach has churned when I remember my one experience with lutefisk
2        # of times Garrison Keillor has declined my friend request on facebook
36      # of days since I sent him my latest friend request that he hasn't declined
4        # of days after the move until the family got their library cards from the county library
26      # of days after the move until I got my library card from Luther Seminary
103    # of days after the move until I got my drivers license
3        # of years since I last went sledding
3        # of times I've went sledding since Christmas!
4 (and counting) the # of times the kids have inadvertently (still not sure about that) crashed into Mom and me while sledding.
84      degree temperature difference between MPLS and NOLA on Xmas morning!

E.  Sports Addendum
Vikings record before we arrived 3-13
Vikings record after we arrive 10-6 and in the playoffs!

0     # of Super Bowls the Saints won before we arrived in NOLA
First Super Bowl win for the Saints the year we arrived!

86   # of years before the curse of the Bambino was reversed
the breaking of the curse just so happened after we moved there.

Coincidence?  Not likely.

F.  Tudor's Addendum

4     # of days I was in WV during October
5     # of times I went to Tudor's
16   # of days before my veins began to open back up

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redheadheller said...

Thanks for the smile. NOLA has not been the same with out the Norvells!!
S. Heller