14 June 2012

What Is Uff da?

To those who are a part of the Judson Memorial Baptist Community allow me to say thanks for the wonderful hospitality, warmth, and joy you showered on me during my stay with you last weekend.  I couldn't get over your genuineness, your readiness to laugh, your gracious hugs, and yes your peculiar authentic quirkiness.

Going forward I ask that we continue the intentional journey as we get to know each other.  Allow me to start the conversation.  Things I love: rhubarb, rhubarb pie, rhubarb crisp, rhubarb bread, rhubarb punch, raw with a dash of sugar.  Speaking of pie.  I love pie, especially pie for breakfast (maybe not onion pie).  If I were not a pastor I would bake pies all day then ride around on my bike and pass them out, no fooling.  What else, hmm, oh yeah, British detective novels (I figure as long as they are British folk wont giggle at my obsession with detective novels).  And baseball, definitely baseball, regardless of the level or the talent.  I also love placing myself in the stadium to get foul balls or home runs, I'm pretty good at it.  Don't believe me?  Then take me to Target field and you'll see.  But it may take me a few games before I understand the stadium dynamics, pitcher and hitter tendencies, air flow, and earth curvature in relations to the stadium.  And fishing, I have never had a bad time fishing.

So what do you love?  That ought to get the conversation going.  Don't tell me all at once, let us pace ourselves.


Selsipheous said...

Here? Now? And what is Woofta? I LOVE a good scrapbook store. And photoshop. Food? It's got to be chocolate or sweet...and only the good stuff, not the Little Debbie crap that I buy for my husband. Subsequently, I also love my local Y and everyone who works there. Music? Almost anything...I'm not too particular, but I have soft spot for anything that takes me back to a different place and a different time. That includes (but is not limited to) Metallica, The Oak Ridge Boys and the folk music my parents listened to while I was growing up.
Looking forward to the journey...
~Laura O'Halloran

Linda said...

I actually made some rhubarb sourcream cake yesterday. I had it for breakfast this morning with local strawberries, homemade yogurt and a tiny bit of maple syrup drizzled on the top. Yum! I also like to chop rhubarb up and cook it with my oatmeal in the morning; it makes for a bright and kicky oatmeal. I love figuring out what to cook from my CSA box. And I love making food for a small group of dear friends that is seasonal and sourced from my favorite local farmers. Served with a yummy bottle of wine (local isn't always quite so great here!) I love the prairie. Right now our prairie reconstruction has hundreds and hundreds of white wild indigos blooming. Google it and check this beauty of a plant out. Can't wait for you to come to Minnesota, the other end of the great Mississippi.
Linda Nelson

G. Travis Norvell said...

Laura and Linda - many thanks. I had a few other responses via email. Good stuff. Laura, may I inquire into your screen name, Selsipheous? Happy weekend.

Selsipheous said...
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