18 January 2011

Fountain Pen Adventure Part Two

Last year for my birthday the VOR purchased me a "starter" fountain pen, the waterman phileas kit. It was a great pen and I only ruined one shirt in the course of six months (my fault I left the cap off and put the pen in nib first, plus I didnt like that shirt anyway). But sometime in the last few weeks between my home office (which basically means every room in the house) and the church office my pen went AWOL.

Rather than purchase another phileas i decided to use the wonder of this thing called the world wide web and "research" fountain pens under $50. I searched and searched before deciding on the Lamy Safari, another starter pen. It is made out of plastic, has a large clip and offers you the choice of several bold colors. I decided to pick the most outlandish pen I could find: bright yellow. One, who wants a bright yellow pen and two, it is harder for me to misplace.

Thus far I have enjoyed the pen, the way it feels, the ease of writing, and the fine craftpersonship for such a inexpensive pen. Did I mention it only cost $23.71? Thank you Goldspot Pens.

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Tom said...

Thanks for the comment and mentioning our website! Glad to have you as a customer and I hope that the Lamy Safari gives you years of writing joy.

Tom @ goldspot.com