10 November 2010

Bustin' A Move: The Need for an Expansive Theology

This week I attended the National Council of Churches, USA, gathering here in NOLA. For the record I also worked at the church - had a meeting on Tuesday night, Wednesday evening stewardship program, Thursday lunch, and sermon prep for Sunday - so yes I was present but not fully present at the NCCUSA meetings. Nevertheless I am enjoyed my time there and thought it was worthwhile my time and effort.

I am still not fully sure why the meeting took place. I mean there was no real business done, there were no knock out drag out fights concerning statements, there were no designated business card exchanges. Yet at the end of the day I realized how parochial my own theology and Christian practice had become. I had forgotten the need and depth to say "Lord, have mercy" concerning the pains and sufferings in this world. I had forgotten how much I need the sense of one among many not simply an island. I had forgotten the need for solidarity with my Christian brothers and sisters in Cuba, Latin America, Africa, and Iraq.

I am not sure how these remembrances will work their way into my thinking and practice but I am glad they are rattling around in my noggin.

And, I was able to meet Minister Antoine Brown III.

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