09 November 2010

13 X 9 = Love 4 times

Yesterday, Monday, I began a new ritual of morning Sabbath practices. I placed a folding sports chair in the car, packed my journal, and spent an hour or so looking at the Mississippi River. It was a relaxing and refreshing.

After an afternoon with the youngest the time for a decision about what to have for dinner emerged; being my day off I like to use my time to cook. I decided upon lasagna. Now here is the catch I've never made lasagna. So I thought about what it is about lasagna that I love the most: the red sauce, the meat on the bottom, and the cheese mixture.

The sauce:
sauteed onions, green peppers, and carrots in butter.
Added some merlot for reduction. -- yes, unlike Miles, I cook with and drink merlot
Plopped in a can of fire roasted tomatoes.
Sprinkled some salt.
Placed it all in the blender till smooth.

In a separate pan I fried some turkey legs and ground beef.

Cheese mixture:
Ricotta tub, Parmesan cheese chunk, and shredded mozzarella and a whipped egg.

I assembled in a 13 X 9 pan first the sauce, then meat, noodles, cheese, sauce and meat, repeated again a few times then topped with shredded cheese.

baked for a good while at 375. served with some bread, salad, and wine.

It was so good I had 4 helpings. I couldn't stop.


Carol said...

any leftovers?

g. travis norvell said...

half a pan left in the freezer. when we have it again we'll give you a call!