05 August 2007

Weekend Recap

We began Saturday with some time at the Hope Street Farmer's Market. One place I love to patronize is the stand of Hill Orchard. He is a conventional farmer, I'm not sure he has any organic vegetables but I do know that his apples are the best and he is a great guy. I am much more apt to buy local produce that is non-organic rather than organic produce from people who are not that friendly. Odd isnt it that produce that is coated with chemicals is referred to as conventional. Why is it odd? Chemical fertilizer is a 20th century invention. How can something that is less than 100 years old be called conventional when modern human beings have been farming organically for at least 20,000 years!

Here is #2 posing at the market.

After we bought some peaches me and #2 caught up with The Only Lady along with #1 and #3.

We then went to the pool to cool off.

After the pool the Town had a free concert at Chase Farm, Pendragon was on the venue.
The kids watched the band for the most part, especially the step dancer, then ran up the hill.

This morning's worship went well. The attendance was good, the people were receptive and the refreshments at coffee hour were respectable. I couldn't believe how giddy I was for the arrival of vacation.

It was another hot day here at the parsonage. We were going to the pool, but by the time #3 went down for a nap and woke up, we decided to stay here so the kids could play in the new sprinkler. #3 liked the sprinkler, but was more enthralled with the water table.

Finally, for dinner: Chicken Pesto Pizza. The Only Lady likes to line the dough with pesto, then add grilled chicken, then a layer of parmesean cheese, then freshly chopped tomatoes, a layer of mozarella, and then some cracked pepper with a salted crust. A great finish to a great weekend.

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