03 August 2007

Training Camp

This morning I rounded up #1 and #2 and headed north to Foxboro to watch the Patriots training camp. Before we got on 146 north we had to stop by Bread and More for donuts, coffee and milk. With donut on the brain #2 asked me, while we were on I-95, "hey dad, are we going to see the Pastryiots." It was a hot morning:

So we pulled into the heavily marked off area and waited in line for a parking spot. We parked and walked in, it is like a Carnival with jungle jumps, all kinds of free t-shirt with credit card sign ups, the National Guard, the Boston Globe, a big Jamaican Rum blow up bottle, and your usual hawkers selling gear related stuff.

We found a spot on the hill to watch the players, but as soon as we sat down #1 had to go to the bathroom. So we go to the bathroom and go back to our spot. Instead of watching the practice #2 did this:

As we walked out I took a picture by the stadium:

But the highlight of the day wasn't the Pastryiots, or the games, not even the donuts, the real star was...The Kraft family is building a huge addition to the stadium, complete with a Bass Pro Shop and other big box retails.

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