05 June 2007

Keeping Sermons Fresh

The Lime Rock Congregation is a good bunch to preach with/to. They are attentive, ask good questions afterward (even during on occasion) and seem to appreciate the time I take on crafting a well written, researched and delivered sermon. They especially want my preaching to remain fresh; they encourage my continuing studies, furnish a handsome book allowance and give me ample time during the week to myself to study and write.

A couple years ago they took their devotion to quality sermons to a new level: they bought furnished my renovated office with a window air conditioner. I was happy with a fan and the window opened, this is New England after all and not Miami, FL. But no, they wanted fresh preaching. Alright I say.

Today the Tuesday before Children's Sunday is the official installation date, today it fit like a glove.


LadyBurg said...

That is love sitting right there in your window. Very nice!

Tripp Hudgins said...


As an aside: I tagged you.

Also, will you be in DC?