14 June 2007

Doesnt Look too Good

I try to stay on top of coal related issues as best I can via the web. The convergence of a couple of stories trouble me.

1. A couple of weeks ago the NYTimes reported that several legislators (including Obama) were supporting a new deal for coal to liquid fuel proposal. The armed services were hoping to sign a long term contract for fuel derived from coal.

Roanoke Times at least wrote about this, didnt catch any other papers in Appalachia (or anywhere else for that matter.

2. The supreme court ruling on the Clean Water Act of U.S. vs. Atlantic Research Corp.

This ruling prompted Gov. Joe Manchin to order the DEP to cut back the number of streams protected by the Clean Water Act.

There is some hope. Judge Chambers continues to issue forthright and clear rulings on the proper enforcement of laws pertaining to Mountain Top Removal.

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