13 November 2006

Time Travel

As I travelled to WV from Columbus I followed the south easterly direction of Route 35. By taking this route you can imaginatively travel back in time thousands of years. Travelling from Columbus you notice how flat that section of Ohio is. The table top finish is primarily the work of a an ancient glacier that settled over much of the midwest. Then all of sudden you come to Chillicothe and there are hills all over the place. Why? This was the end of the Wisconsinian glacier. It also marked the spot where The Great Teays River, North America's Nile, ended. (The river before the glacier stretched from Illinois and travelled eastward into Virginia.) Route 35 once you reach Gallipolis, OH follows the Kanawha River into Charleston. But once you exit 35 and travel on I-64 you are smack dab in the middle of the Great Teays River basin. It must have been some body of water. Today if you dig around you can easily find ancient remains of aquatic life in the soil.

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