28 November 2006

Biscuits, Hospital, and Thanksgiving

Last week the family piled into the Dodge Grand Caravan and headed south to WV for the holiday week. We left RI after church around 1pm and arrived in WV at 3am Monday morning. When we got there mrs. theobilly's father got up and said hello to the kids then went back to bed. He woke up Monday morning not feeling well, by 3pm he was in the hosiptal for evaluations and tests.

Tuesday morning I began my sausage and biscuits feast with a stop by Tudors's Biscuit World, locals refer to it solely by Tudors. I purchased a Sausage and Biscuit and an order of biscuits and gravy. The next morning my father-in-law called from the hospital saying they were going to do some tests and he wanted his wife there. So I got ready and drove my mother-in-law to the hospital. On the way back I stopped at Suzy's Hamburgers for a Sausage Biscuit and Biscuits and Gravy. THanksgiving morning I headed down to Hardees for the same order. After all was said and done I have to rank Suzy's first, Hardees second and Tudor's last.

My father-in-law is still in the hospital, hoping to get out of the ICU today or tomorrow. Hard to see family members suffer, hard to be so far away, but we will do it again after Xmas.

On the way home #2 accidentaly (still debatable) deposited a pantload. He said he had to go but there was nowhere to pull over. At the next exit we pulled off and discovered the pantload. The Mrs. cleaned him up and said what do I do with this mess and these pants (his favorited pair of sweatpants)? I said leave 'em and jump in the car and lets go.

I know you maybe thinking are you kidding me, you just left the pants and all the evidence right there? Well yes. We were out of bags and an enclosed space and a pantload doesnt make for a nice combination. We will atone for our sins.

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Kelly said...

I'm surprised it wasn't you leaving the pantload after all those biscuits!

I'd have left the evidence as well.