26 August 2006

SA wins season opener

I was pleased to see that the good ole St. Albans Dragons beat the South Charleston Eagles in its season opener. My senior year, in 92 (well actually 91) we lost to SC in overtime 21-20. We went on to a 7-3 regular season, but lost to Barboursville in the first round of AAA playoffs.

While in WV last week I found a flyer, I suppose, I created on the computer. It was a gray sheet of paper printed out by a dot matrix machine that read, Come see the Dragons slay the East Bank Pioneers, while at the game come see your favorite player, left tackle #60, play. Vain and narcisistic, even at the age of 16.

During two-a-days practices the coach, the late Stan Smith, commented that several sophmores were complaining that they weren't getting any playing time. So coach asked for those Sophmores who were 16 to raise their hands, a flurry of hands went up in the air. Coach then said guess what, the center, a Senior is 16, and theobilly is even younger than him, I too was only 16 as a Senior. I guess the amount of 16 year old Sophomores doesnt bode well for the Kanawha County Education system.

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