23 August 2006

Once in St. Albans

The family and I packed up a bunch of suitcases, car seats, snacks and other essentials and flew to West Virginia last week. For some odd reason the flight to HTS was $110 cheaper per ticket than the flight to CRW, go figure. Even though I lived in Huntington for three years I didnt even know where the airport was. HTS is a tiny airport, with 5 daily outbound flights, but fit our needs just fine.

Once out and into the rental vehicle we stopped by Frostop for lunch, you cant beat window service, the best root beer around, three burgers and fries for $9.00! We drove around MU to see some changes then headed back to the Kanawha Valley.

THe families were pleased to see #3 and #2 and #1 were happy to see grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

My time was spent mostly working. Mom and I went to the County Courthouse to Probate the will, over to Taylor books for browsing (on the way a woman was hanging out her window about to jump, she didnt) over to Ellen's for ice cream. Next day I took out some kitchen cabinets, then put a new ceiling in - great fun. If you havent had the opportunity to put a new drop ceiling in you should.

On Saturday I took the two oldest nephews to see the Green and White game (also stopped by Frostop again). The way the first team offense played I predict the WVU-MU game will favor WVU by at least three touchdowns - youch!

Yesterday we packed up again and headed back to HTS. The skycap dude remembered us. Finally we arrived back in Lincoln, RI.

The trip was very odd, life and the homeplace without Pop. Whenever I went in I spent almost all my time with him. I looked through old photos, went through his tools, talked to some of his friends and thought about how much I miss the son of a bitch.

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