01 January 2014

Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Quit...

On Saturday I sold my car.  To be honest I hated that car.  I was glad to get rid of it.  I was even giddy after I sold it.  I sold it because I hated it and because I am giving up my car for this year.  I will now be known as the peddling parson or something like that.  The Twin Cities has a nice public transportation system, extensive bike trails, and we have our other vehicle which the missus and I can share on the days I need to do visits and other crucial ministerial deeds.  Over the next few days I'll share my motivations.

But when the forecast consecutively reads -8, -10, & -22, and on a Sunday for that,  all I can hear is the replay of the character played by Lloyd Bridges in the movie Airplane.

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