31 October 2012

I Say Home Is Where My Love Is At...

After living in two parsonages and two rental homes the Theobilly family is finally beginning the process of home ownership.  As we begin looking at homes in the City of Lakes the kids and missus have all kinds of things they want: a yard with a tree, for a tree house, individual bed rooms (all three are currently sharing a room), a fire place, woodwork features, a nice kitchen, two bathrooms (all five are sharing one), a place to get away from everyone else, a laundry chute, a dumbwaiter, a fireman's pole from the second to first floor, a urinal (those last two are mine).  But I have only one overriding criteria.

I am looking not for a house but a situation!  I am looking for a family who is selling the home of a relative, more than likely siblings selling the home place, or the residence of an aunt or uncle.  Here is the crucial point, one of the siblings selling the house has to be mad at the other sibiling(s) and wants to sell the house cheap (drumroll) just for spite.

In my short time amongst the Nordic people here I would say this should be an easy situation to stumble upon.  I doubt, however, any sellers would advertise this intention therefore, I am going to take out an ad in the classifieds explaining what I am looking for with the hope someone with the above intention finds it.  I figure I will have multiple calls within minutes of the posting.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this blogpost goes viral here on the edge of the prairie transforming into some kind of iconic cultural phenomena.

Can't you just hear me now live from the Fitzgerald Theatre, "oh hear that ole piano..."

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Diane Clark said...

Oh, The Fitzgerald!! My kids and I saw the Everly Brothers there when it was the World. Beautiful, beautiful theatre! Bill and I looked at a condo in that building - minimal closets, no storage space and NO place to park the "Vette. Thankfully our better sense prevailed - for once!!