13 July 2010

A Biblical Mandate

We read in Genesis that one of Adam's duties was to name everything. Rather than a duty God did not have time for it appears God was anxious to see what Adam would come up with, So God formed from the soil every living-thing of the field and every fowl of heavens and brought each to the human, to see what he would call it; and whatever the human called it as a living being, that became its name. Everett Fox translation. You may recall season 10 The Simpsons where Homer (Adam) and Marge (Eve) disagree over the naming of a rodent. Marge: groundhog; Homer: "landmonster."

I suppose I have taken the biblical mandate of naming a little too far. I name rooms, nooks, even chairs at the rental chateau. At Lime Rock Baptist I had a contest to name the bell for the outdoor chapel. I even made up a holiday "The First Ever 28 days after WV Day Party" in an attempt to name the day.

This brings me to my current abode T-F and Sundays. There are multiple rooms and only a handful have proper names: The Harris Room and the Lee Reading Room. But I really think the offices, hallways, gates, trees, library, & etc. need names. I already have ideas for some it is just a matter of presenting them in the right way. I am also in the process of naming the small strips of grass as the North and South Lawns. My reasoning is that this place is too historic not to have formal and proper names. Furthermore, naming keeps memories alive and creates opportunities to tell the stories of this church and God's presence in them.

Any suggestions?


Billy said...

I propose an object/space with the name: "HYBWSH"
-Hey You Bastards,We're Still Here-
Directed toward all those who predicted, yea offered imprecatory prayer for the demise of SCABC.
Referencing 1973 movie Papillon

hjacmc said...

Any chance the choir room could be called the "Rushing to Judgement" room?
Speaking of naming things, I just finished the Metaxas Bonhoeffer book and learned at least one new thing: Did you know that the Sunday after Easter is called Quasimodo Sunday in Germany?

Carol said...

my favorite part is the availability of bacon without hurting the pig!