25 May 2010

Day II: Artifact Collecting

The day started with some beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde, no line - only about 2/3rds full. As the powered sugar collected on my shirt and shorts I listened to a Latin guitarists play Johnny Cash and my mind went began filling with ideas. Next I moseyed down to the National Historical Park New Orleans Jazz site. I hoped it would be an interactive museum; nope. It was a room with some brochures and a stage. Oh well. So I went to the US Mint (on the way got hit up four times for spare change - to my knowledge the irony police did not issue any citations).

After that a stroll up Chartes Street to the other parts of the Louisiana State Museum and the St. Louis Cathedral. Lots of metaphorical artifacts gathered here: dates, visuals, historical happenings, and books I need to read (like Reconstruction: America's Unfinished Revolution by Eric Foner).

With that my museum time ended. I reviewed my thoughts at the Napoleon house at the bar with a Pimm's Cup and that was that.

Day III: Chalmette Battlefield & National Cemetery , some library time, and recollections.

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