27 March 2010

Why Marshall Should Abandon the Conference USA.

Last night the First Family attended our first ever Tulane baseball game (they were playing Marshall). It was a great game (although Marshall lost) at a great stadium (although the artificial field was a bit of a disappointment, but it drains well and fast - needed amenities for New Orleans). After 9 innings, plus a previous football game, plus a basketball game on the radio I have come to the conclusion that Marshall should vacate the CUSA and seek another conference.

Why? Tulane and Marshall are too much alike.
1. They both have green and white as their colors. The First Family dons their best green and white school clothes and we blend in. We do not stick out or even seem out of place.

2. The cheers are too similar. Whereas Marshall cheers: Green (one side of the stadium) matched by White (from the other side), Tulane cheers: Green matched by Wave. Even if there was a shout/cheer off between the two schools they would blend perfectly; it would sound like a Gather family reunion special rather than a Henry Rollins song.

I think those two reasons should compel the Athletic Director and the powers that be at Marshall to explore a different conference to call home.

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