18 February 2010


A letter to the editor, three book reviews, and a column in the monthly church newsletter (although there are not many editorial barriers for the the last one) up until today they composed all the times any piece of writing I offered was published.

Yesterday my first ever Carnival season ended with Ash Wednesday. It was an amazing run of 12 or so days. I felt things, did things, and experienced life like never before. On Monday morning something within me clicked and I had to write it down. I submitted it to the local paper, The Times-Picayune, for publication and they actually published it. Tomorrow morning when you, that is if you read the T-P in the morning, you will see this article.

Amazing what this city will do to you.


Larry said...

A truly outstanding article. I plan on showing it to folks here in Lewisburg. Maybe it will help them understand why my wife and I still miss New Orleans so very much.

g. travis norvell said...

Larry thanks for your kind words. This is an amazing place and the experience of the parades, especially Sunday was something else. I never thought the day would come when I would be begging for Lent to arrive.