20 January 2010

To and Fro, Haiti, and Microhumor

To and Fro.

As some of you may know the VOR and I experimented for a year and a half driving one vehicle. In RI this arrangement worked well. I walked to work (about a 62 step commute) and had easy access to the mystery van (the kids took the bus to school). The demands of my job were not overwhelming and I could work out the xs and os of travel with out much trouble.

Then we moved to New Orleans. It appeared at first that we would be able to keep the same arrangement: between street cars, buses, sidewalks, and my bike it looked liked I could reduce my carbon footprint as a pastor. But an odd thing happened: bigger church = more responsibilities (which I knew but still hard to fully imagine), flat city (great for bicycling) but a humid city (terrible for riding a bicycle in a suit). Catholic school (our best option) no buses (have to transport kids to school). Nevertheless I tried by purchasing a Breezer commuting bike. It was a good purchase and it is a great bike. But all factors considered I needed to purchase an automobile.

I first went to car lots to price the cheapest new cars: somewhere in the vicinity of $13,000-15,000. I just could not justify purchasing a small egg looking auto for that amount of money. So I next researched used cars on the internet. But after a few frustrating hours I said why not craigslist? For I sold two cars, tractors, and other gas powered equipment why not buy a car? First search I found a car and a few days later I had it. It has heated seats (great luxury here in NOLA, no need to ever turn on the heat), and great control. First car ever, nice ride but I do miss the comfort of a truck.

The news from Haiti is horrendous. Some of the rhetoric about Haiti is horrendous. To educate yourself please consult the work of Randall Robinson.

I have always held the view that microhumor is better than macrohumor. Unfortunately #3 thinks so to! He has taken to removing my bookmarks!

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kbrown said...

Honestly Haiti is in dire need, but so is the rest of the world. The outpouring of billions to Haiti doesn't seem in balance to the needs there compared to the millions all over the rest of the world and the 95% of the need in Africa, India, China, etc....