03 December 2009

A Mouth Full of Heaven

This Sunday, being the first of the month, will be a communion Sunday. Being such there will be a table, bread and cup for all to share. Underneath the ritual is the great symbolization: the morsels representing a foretaste of the glory divine.

Yesterday I think I received a better representation of the divine feast: a Mahony's French Fries Po-Boy. Ever since the NYTimes article I have been drooling in anticipaton that sandwich. The VOR and I hoped to sample one at the Po-Boy festival but by the time we arrived they had already sold out (plus they were not selling that sandwich there anyway). Yesterday the chef at church prepared Meatloaf - although the chef cooks with a high degree of tastefulness I still cannot handle even his meatloaf. So after a noon time meeting I snuck down to Magazine Street, walked up the steps to the establishment, and ordered the sandwich.

After a few minutes the server handed me my made to order sandwich. I greedily liberated it from its dual prison of the bag and wax paper. The sandwich thanked me for my liberation with a rich aroma of gravy and an unbelievable flavor that can only be described as a mouth full of heaven.

Indeed this Sunday I will feast on a geometrically shaped portion of bread and a plastic shot glass full of grape juice; I will try to recall a meal with my ancestors a meal of celebration, a meal of grace, a meal of courage; it will be a foretaste of glory divine. But until Jesus comes back or I go over yonder I am fine with the sensory overload of a sandwich laid open with roast beef, cheddar cheese, french fries, and gravy while I wait.


patrich said...

Back in the 70's (Does that kind of talk label me an old geezer!), we had "The Underground Gourmet" in Nola. Is the Gourmet continuing his column/books? Back in those days, the Mahony's French Fries Po-Boy was labeled a "Platonic Dish" in the Underground.

g. travis norvell said...

Platonic Dish oh man that is a good name. I will pass that along to see if the guy knows anything about it. the dude who owns the establishment, I think I may even be older than him. The Underground Gourmet, I do not believe he is still functioning in the paper.

The food here is unreal. I am going to have to start running again or else get a new wardrobe.

If you are looking for a good excuse to come to New Orleans -- my installation will be Jan. 31st.

patrich said...

I will be interested to read about the Installation.