07 June 2009

Saying goodbye, probably the 4th installment

This morning I used the day, Trinity Sunday, to talk about the communal aspect of God and the gift of community I experienced at the church. After the sermon, the prayers of the people, announcement, and offering it was time for communion. I used the occasion to tell my favorite communion stories.

Story #1 - When I first served communion as the pastor of LRBC I made some grand liturgical gesture which knocked over the chalice and spilled all of the wine on the table. (Sometimes it pays to be a low-level Protestant).

Story #2 the time one of the deacons used an old bottle of wine which had soured way past vinegar (no one informed me of this decision). Imagine then the aroma that rose up and invaded my olfactory senses!

Story #3 the time one of the deacons forgot to buy a loaf of bread for me to tear and decided to use the loaf in the freezer (without thawing it, again no one informed of this). Imagine me trying with all of my might to tear the body of our Lord and Savior.

Story #4 the time I introduced intinction as a method of communion. One person did not hear the instructions properly. The person came forward, dipped their bread, ate, then dipped again!

There were other stories but I will not share them here. I will only say there were just as many tears shed as laughs.

Saying goodbye aint easy, but it is rewarding. I am glad about the intentionality of this process.

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Chad said...

I can't believe you left out your last BTSR communion.