11 May 2009

Mother's Day Highlights

Early morning - the #s and I took the VOR out for breakfast.

Church - we had a good crowd yesterday, mainly because a couple celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary afterwards (lots of family and friends were present). For the message I went British by stressing Mothering Day - whereby we celebrate the church who gave us birth: First Baptist Church in America and the Baptist story in the colonies and UK and Europe. Folk really appreciated the message.

Afterwards - lunch then a trip down to south county to the coast, Point Judith, Iggy's for dough boys (at first #2 said he would not eat them, he was only going to lick the sugar off of them, the lo and behold he ate them - two of them!), then to Scarborough Beach so the kids could play in the sand. The VOR said it was the best Mother's Day ever, wow!
at Point Judith with the kids

VOR and #3 at Scarborough Beach
Me with my feet in the water. When the 45 degree water lapped around my feet I screamed Holy Moses! Oh brother it was cold.
But, the cold did not bother #1 & #2 they were running in and out, splashing, and I am pretty sure they would have rolled around in it if we would have let them.
Now how about this - a wood paneled station wagon with a surfboard, what are the odds?

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