21 April 2009

A New Men's Clothing Site

My anglophile tendencies have a way of infecting almost every part of my life from choice of clergy fashions, to worship books, to poets, detectives authors, and especially clothing. I love the british look of a spread collar, cufflinks, and a windsor knot. Therefore, I was quite pleased to discover the S Buckingham web page the other day. I ordered the matching silk tie, handkerchief and cufflink set (waiting till a later date to disclose my choice of color and design). Yesterday my heart raced when the Nick the mailman delivered the package with the clearly labeled "Royal Mail" sticker. I opened to find a well constructed and sharp feeling gift set. I am making S Buckingham my first choice for ties.


Hugh Clements-Jewery said...

As a brit myself I whole-heartedly agree with the superior nature of British sartorial style! I too am a big fan of the Windsor knot, if you can figure out how to make it!

Designer Studio said...


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